What does Maxim do for clients?

Maxim Communications has unique capacity to understand complex concepts and translate them into market-based solutions, products and commercialization strategies. With over 20-years experience, we provide skillful execution in the areas of strategy, business development, management, marketing, product management, operations, research and planning.

We can help you conduct market and customer research, budget for programs, talk to investors, manage resources effectively and provide leadership across your cross-functional team. Maxim Communications also designs and manages scalable, interactive digital communications and social media dialogs with your target audience. We also have an extensive network of reliable professional and technology resources.


“Setting the course for success.”

Market Research and analysis
Business and marketing plans
Product development
Consulting and training
Social media laboratory


“Getting the job done… on time, on budget”

Program and product management
Public relations & editorial support
Executive presentations
Events and meetings
Web site and video production
Targeted advertising
Social networking
Training and skills development