Producing web sites since 1995, Maxim Communications serves a range of clients. Since economic buyers do not have time to understand your technology or service versus the competitors in your field, it is important to position your business and offerings.

Two security oriented firms that benefited from Maxim Communications positioning services as part of their web site development are:

I. “IANS is the leading provider of in-depth security insights delivered through its research, community, and consulting offerings. Fueled by interactions among IANS Faculty and end users, IANS provides actionable advice to information security, risk management, and compliance executives. IANS powers better, faster, technical and managerial decisions through experience-driven advice.” www.iansresearch.com

After developing an understanding the business, the above was written and then distilled to be prominently displayed on the IANS home page as a positioning statement: “Real People, Real Results. Real Security.”


II. “Total Recall is a video-centric security technology provider specializing in surveillance solutions, including command & control centers, wireless connectivity and video network design and management. Founded in 1985, Total Recall has been providing municipal governments, businesses and organizations – large and small – with surveillance solutions for over 25 years. From concept to completion, Total Recall builds, supports and maintains custom solutions that integrate “best of breed” products, including its exclusive CrimeEye® field units, with open networking standards to provide fast, scalable installation and cost effective maintenance.” www.totalrecallcorp.com

After understanding their business, the above was distilled to three positioning statements prominently displayed on their home page:

1) “Serving those who serve and protect” 2) “Large scale | High Security” 3) “Design, Installation, Service.”