Business Development



A world-renowned scientific research and development laboratory needed to get several technologies to market. They needed capital in the form of investment and federal grants.


Maxim Communications “provided skillful execution in the areas of strategy, business development, business management, marketing, legal affairs and financial planning. Mr. Reynolds has shown his ability to budget programs, manage resources effectively and provide leadership among a diverse team. He has also made numerous presentations on our behalf and has an extensive network of professional contacts.”


Maxim developed commercialization programs for three technologies developed in the laboratory. For the first, Maxim “negotiated a $4 million equity investment program…” For the latter two areas, they developed “a ‘first rate’ commercialization plans as part of our Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant applications.” Ultimately, the first technology spun out into a company that was sold to a publicly traded acquirer providing liquidity to principals, and one of the technologies received phase I and II SBIR grants.



Sports are critical in television because they cut through clutter, thus aggregating audiences and creating instant brands.

A group of local cable network sports television stations were purchased by Cablevision’s Rainbow Sports and operated under the brand SportsChannel. After Rainbow Programming and ITT Corp. paid $1.009 billion for MSG to original owner Viacom Inc. in a March, 1995 deal Rainbow needed to develop a cohesive brand, as local broadcast rights were coming up for negotiation.

Local affiliate representatives and ad sales reps for the eight properties had operated operated independently in each location. Local on-air graphics and lack of a cohesive message negatively impacted sales and brand equity.


Develop a laptop-based sales presentation for reps to present a re-branded company to customers. Maxim Communications pulled a team of consultants to implement brand strategy in field sales operations. An elegant laptop-based presentation was developed to allow reps to showcase recent videos from the current local team’s season lineup.  Corporate positioning videos were also included.

Maxim Communications produced the interactive sales presentation and assembled a team of trainers. Sales reps in each of the locations were trained in three functional areas:

1) What is the new brand message?

2) How to improve sales and presentation skills?

3) What are the technical aspects of keeping presentation current?


In 1998, Cablevision and Fox, along with partner Liberty Network (TCI’s programming arm), announced an $850 million programming alliance with intent to rebrand most of the SportsChannel America networks as Fox Sports Net stations.



“I would highly recommend Mr. Reynolds (Maxim’s Managing Consultant), if you are considering him for a leadership position in your firm. Do not hesitate to contact me for a personal reference.” (Click Here for Source)