We love video! We host a monthly luncheon with guest speakers and make appearances at various conferences and events, which are often captured on video. We also produce video for a range of needs. Here is a sampling of some of our favorites. We hope you find these both interesting and informative.

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Tri-State Innovation Economy Promotional Video
Time 1:11

SpeedUp Fairfield County – Resources for Growth Companies
Time: 19:39

A New Source of Capital for Small Business – The Federally-sanctioned EB-5 Foreign Investment Program
Time 26:01

Gary Breitbart – Growth Company Advisory Services
Time 4:36

Matthew Nemerson, President & CEO of the Connecticut Technology Council on Innovation
Time 52:27

The Connecticut Creative Corridor: 
A Movement Whose Time Is Now
Time 46:21

MOBILE: Mission Critical Investment in a Risk Averse Environment 
Time: 38:57

The Pivot: A Critical Juncture For Any Start-up
Time 7:41

A Founder’s Story: Pivot Your Fundraising
Time: 39:15

Tri-State Innovation Economy Luncheon: Building a Global Innovation Pipeline
Time 6:12