Beyond “Four P’s”

For your business to succeed in today’s virtual world, Maxim goes beyond the traditional “Four P’s”(Product, Price, Placement, and Promotion), or the “marketing mix” as was coined by Neil Borden, president of the American Marketing Association in 1953.

Our unique and proven model encompasses:

Perspective – What social, political, economic and technology trends create challenges and opportunities?

Positioning – How does your company and products compare with competition? What do we do about it?

Process – How will technologies support and optimize your marketing business processes?

Programs – What tools, both online and off, need to be implemented?

Planning – What is a realistic budget and headcount plan to achieve our goals?

People – What is your current skills inventory? What is required to succeed? What is the gap?

Progress – Are we hitting our milestones?

Performance – Did we achieve our objectives?