The Connecticut Creative Corridor: 
A Movement Whose Time Is Now

Watch this presentation from the Creative Corridor Leadership Team:
Sandra Ruiz-Desai, Randy Savicky, Luke Scott & Adam Smith

Images of Connecticut as a staid “tennis playing” or “bedroom community” are bunk! In fact, Connecticut has been the home to first-rate communications professionals for decades, creative talent that has consistently contributed to marketing efforts for the most respected brands in the world, such as Apple, IBM, Pepsi and Kenneth Cole, just to name a few. The Connecticut Creative Corridor movement is an idea with right people, in the right place, at the right time. 

The mission of the CT Creative Corridor is to raise the visibility and reputation of Connecticut’s world-class creative and strategic communications talent and promote economic development and job creation in Connecticut by leveraging this “creative economy.”  As a consequence, Connecticut will become known as a destination for creative brilliance much like Dumbo or a creative Silicon Valley. 

Other regions, notably Detroit, MI, Charleston, SC, and Philadelphia, PA, have stimulated the local economy, accelerated business activity and created jobs by bringing creative professionals together with companies large and small, government, universities, incubators and foundations. These collaborative efforts not only make a significant economic contribution, but they enrich the quality of life in the community. 

With significant efforts by local industry leaders, this region is rapidly developing its own creative initiative. Please join us July 19 at the Tri-state Innovation Economy Luncheon Series for the third in a series of public forums aimed at coalescing the diverse interests required to make the vision for Connecticut’s Creative Corridor a reality.
Get Creative! Get Involved! Join the Movement!

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