MOBILE: Mission Critical Investment in a Risk Averse Environment

Brenda Lewis was presenter at the June 21st Tri-state Innovation Luncheon. Here is her very informative presentation:

Brenda Lewis: MOBILE: Mission Critical Investment in a Risk Averse Environment

Late last year the National Venture Capital Association predicted there will be a seed and early stage funding shortage in 2012. Indeed, anemic early stage venture fund formation is approaching levels not seen since 1994 and early stage venture investments in the USA accounted for just 3.2% of the $28.4 billion invested in 2011. In comparison, later and expansion stage ventures received over 67%. Against this backdrop, global MOBILE venture capital investment was $6.3 billion, or 42% of ALL high tech VC investment.

In her discussion, Brenda Lewis reveals the market drivers behind the MOBILE venture segment. You will gain insight into where entrepreneurs and smart investors are placing their MOBILE bets in today’s frothy market. She will address current market trends, the types of mobility investments on offer today and investing pitfalls to watch out for in the context of the current tech bubble.

Brenda has launched 18 early stage mission critical mobile ventures over 30 years and is now focusing on embedded mobility ventures in the vital energy, telecom and advanced materials sectors. Unlike some of today’s much hyped social media plays, such firms offer mission critical solutions that both foster job creation and create platforms for future enterprises to build upon.

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