Pivot Your Fundraising: A Founder’s Story – Full Presentation

Pivot Your Fundraising: A Founder’s Story from Keith R. Reynolds on Vimeo.

Every entrepreneur has heard you must be prepared to revisit your business model… Mark Strauss, founder of TOGO Media, knows there are times you must revisit your capital raise.

Watch Mark tell his amazing story and discuss how important it is for early-stage entrepreneurs to monitor markets and retain a high level of agility to take advantage of any and all funding opportunities. Host, Keith Reynolds, also tells of a pivot in his last startup, Vidiation, as part of the introduction. This is a great story for anyone who is seeking investors, has funded a company, or is interested in doing so.

The Story: Normally difficult, raising pre-revenue and early stage capital seems an almost insurmountable hurtle for today’s post- “Great Recession” startup. This makes the ability to pivot your funding strategy crucial for success. Strauss will share how his team successfully shifted TOGO’s capital raise from the venture space to the equity space in just 30 days when a unique acquisition opportunity presented itself. To take advantage, the six-member management team changed nearly every aspect of their investment story—except their business model, that is. As a result, they raised more than three times the committed capital originally sought for a much larger market play.

Set apart by extraordinary creativity and business excellence, Strauss is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in education and digital marketing. An accomplished speaker and motivator, he brings sophisticated analytical and leadership skills to bear on various new, visionary and disruptive ventures.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor or just an interested “business bystander,”  we hope you find the presentation both informative and entertaining. Maxim Communications has been producing a business luncheon, except for an 18 month break, since 2003. This is our first attempt at taking the content from these intimate luncheons online with video casting technology from Vimeo.

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Play time: 39:15
Source: https://vimeo.com/45128404

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