The Pivot: A Critical Juncture For Any Start-up

Sometimes you just have no choice.


In introducing Mark Strauss’ presentation, “Pivot Your Fundraising” to May 2012 Tri-State Innovation Economy Luncheon, Keith Reynolds tells this amazing story of a technology pivot at his last start-up.

The Pivot: A Critical Juncture For Any Start-up

As an entrepreneur, sometimes “you have to do what you have to do” to get through a difficult situation — including pivoting from the technology you founded the company upon. And in the end, adversity can lead to opportunity.

In 2007, two weeks before the Beijing Olympic Security Committee was to come to CT to do due diligence on a revolutionary new homeland security technology, the company’s CTO said it would not be ready in time. The team had to find an alternative, or tell investors and customers the game was over. This is the story of the great pivot.

The Maxim team has been hard at work on The Tri-State Innovation Economy luncheon series to support the renaissance of the innovation economy in the tri state area. Our goal is to create a network that empowers the next generation of creative and technical entrepreneurs to quickly plug into capital and other necessary resources. The luncheon series is also THE place where more established private sector enterprises gather with innovators first to share ideas and best practices.

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