Tri-State Innovation Economy Luncheon: Building a Global Innovation Pipeline

The Maxim team has been hard at work on a luncheon series to support the renaissance of the innovation economy in the tri state area. Our goal is to create a network that empowers the next generation of creative and technical entrepreneurs to quickly plug into capital and other necessary resources. The luncheon series is also THE place where more established private sector enterprises gather with innovators first to share ideas and best practices.

Here are highlights from our last meeting where we explore these questions:

Tri-State Innovation Economy Luncheon: Introducing Justin Hall-Tipping

Today we face global challenges that threaten the environment, the economy and society as we know them.  And as the world gets smaller, we see a shift to sustainability to address the challenges. This in turn, will impact our world on the order of magnitude of moving from agrarian to industrial economies, or the impact of the cold war. There is a shift to “sustainability” as a market driver that is challenging our assumptions and forcing us to put new metrics on things we value. This is a huge opportunity for capitalists and technologists.

What are the macro changes we need to pay attention to?  How should we view the global marketplace? Just what do we value in an era of sustainability? What technologies will be most valuable?

Due to the confidentiality of the material, we cannot publish the presentation at the luncheon, but you can see the story here at TED. Just click on the image below to watch the presentation.

Justin Hall-Tipping

Justin Hall-Tipping speaks at TED (Click image to play)


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