Marc Andreessen: Building Startups Is Like Baking A Cake In 3 Minutes

In start-up mode, as companies begin to gain traction, things can get out of control as customer focus is often lost amongst the mayhem. Within my consulting portfolio, I have advised several early stage companies that are either “too tech,” or “too biz” in focus. In all cases, it is the founder/CEO who sets the tone and direction.

“The problem with with true hyper-growth… It’s the problem like baking a cake in three minutes. You’re in the kitchen and you have sugar, flour, egg on the ceiling. What the hell are you doing?” ~ Marc Andreessen

As the goal shifts from getting traction by any means possible to achieving sustainable competitive advantage, it is critical to achieve a balance of power within the organization to insure the team responds to customer needs in both business and technology terms.

The magic of a successful technology company lies in the achievement of a certain yin yang of biz and tech to address real customer needs and improve customer service.

Hope you enjoy this article… Good luck and good marketing.

Marc Andreessen: Building Startups Is Like Baking A Cake In 3 Minutes – Forbes 


Marc Andreessen talked at Y Combinator’s Startup School about how to start a new company, how to hire and how to invest.

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