Archive: October, 2011

Marc Andreessen: Building Startups Is Like Baking A Cake In 3 Minutes

In start-up mode, as companies begin to gain traction, things can get out of control as customer focus is often lost amongst the mayhem. Within my consulting portfolio, I have advised several early stage companies that are either “too tech,” or “too biz” in focus. In all cases, it is the founder/CEO who sets the [...]

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If The Market Calls You A Donkey… Buy a Saddle

This article, “If The Market Calls You A Donkey… Buy a Saddle,” for technology executives couldĀ  equally be entitled, “Expanding Customer Value Through Services.” Thinking beyond simply how your technology works and what your technology does has many implications for technology suppliers. Look, for example, at the Siri experience for consumers with the iPhone. Blackberry [...]

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Packetize your Marketing

Packetize: Verb (signal processing) To form data into packets, or bundled units, according to a specific protocol for transmission and delivery to another system. What does that have to do with marketing? Differentiating a company in the mind of customers and investors, the essence of branding, is the single biggest marketing challenge for today’s technology [...]

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