So What?

Does Your Marketing Answer This Question?

“So What?  Why should I buy from you?”  How many times have you heard this as you sat across the table from a customer presenting your company, products and services?

Maybe you have heard it directly, maybe not; maybe you are just not listening closely enough.  But answering these two questions succinctly is critical to your technology company’s success. Why?  Today, technology is ubiquitous.  Competition is everywhere and to succeed you must present your business, products and services in a fashion that is on par with the competitors you seek to dislodge.  Managing customers’ perception of your firm and its offerings must be a critical element of your business plan.

The truth is technology companies succeed when they figure out what it is they do well, and articulate it in business terms.  Really good technology marketing projects leadership and educates customers about how they can change for the better.  Your marketing must clearly define your solution — presenting a vision of the future your customers can buy into — and then lead them there.

Such thought leadership and educational marketing is focused on a broader customer context and is full of meaningful content – not “This is what we have,” but rather, “This is our approach; this is what we have done for others and can do for you.”  That means getting your brain around the customer problems you seek to address — and thus the value of the solutions you are trying to sell…

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