Archive: September, 2011

What Do Facebook Changes Mean For You?

If you are a marketer, you cannot ignore Facebook’s 800M “Friends” impact on your ability to reach customers. However, according to a recent Fast Company article, “Remember that as long as you do not pay for Facebook, you are the product, not the customer.” All the new changes to Facebook are making more of your [...]

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So What?

Does Your Marketing Answer This Question? “So What?  Why should I buy from you?”  How many times have you heard this as you sat across the table from a customer presenting your company, products and services? Maybe you have heard it directly, maybe not; maybe you are just not listening closely enough.  But answering these [...]

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The Tech Entrepreneur

“Great entrepreneurs are leaders who posses insight and wisdom to understand the things that can and must get done to fill a market need, the sales and managemet skills to inspire others along the way to do them, and the tenacity and virtue to persevere until they are successfully accomplished in the eyes of the [...]

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